Shazia Sahari Hardcore Movie Actress

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Short Shazia Sahari bio

Shazia Sahari specializes in adult films in the Indian and Middle Eastern sub-genres. Shazia born real name Amna Haq is a dese pornographic actress. She was born in Chicago on October 25, 1984. Shazia Sahari began her adult industry career in 2010 when she was 26 years old.

Fans Comment on Shazia
  • soheil.hirbod – I’m your fan from Iran your own country
  • sabeerzzzzz – Beautiful
  • sani.buttxx – That opened legs
  • jade.laila – you look like aliyah hussain and she beautiful
  • Help me fund my show!
  • My glorious comeback to Adult Biz
  • Was thinking about making a comeback to the Adult biz… Would you support it?
  • Should i dye my hair? Blondes vs Brunettes.. 3.. 2.. 1.. GO!


Shazia Adult Filmography
  1. Orgy: The XXX Champion 2
  2.  Fresh Meat 29
  3. My First Lesbian Experience 2
  4. Heavenly Moments
  5. Adam & Eve’s Guide to the Kama Sutra
Hot Tube Video Shazia Sahari

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